Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disney Princess Party Facts and Trivia

There have been lots of Disney Princesses over the years, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Jasmine, and many others. In recent years it's become popular to have Disney Princess parties featuring party decorations and supplies with all the princesses. Disney has released lots of such party supplies with the Disney Princess theme. This party theme makes a great theme for girl's parties, birthday parties, slumber parties, Halloween parties and just about any other party occasion you can think of, even just a party for the sake of having a party. If you can think of an occasion to have the Disney Princess party then you have a reason to use that theme.

The Disney Princesses come from the Disney Movies. Some of them are really classic movies. Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were made way back in forties and fifties. Both are cartoon movies based on classic fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty was a princess put to sleep with her entire kingdom for hundreds of years until a prince from another kingdom discovered her and kissed her thus breaking the spell on her. Snow White is a very beautiful princess with a jealous stepmother who is also a witch. Her stepmother was so jealous of her that she tries to have her killed. Snow White survived and went to live with the seven dwarfs in the woods. Eventually her prince charming cam along and married Snow White saving her from the evil stepmother.

More recent movies from Disney have featured exotic locations and unusual princesses. Ariel was a mermaid who sought the help of the evil Ursula to get legs so she could walk on land and meet with her human prince. Ursula turned the tables on Ariel and she almost lost her prince and her life, but in the end her prince helped save the day. Jasmine was an Arabian princess and daughter of a rich Sultan. She fell in love with Aladdin and lived happily ever after. If you do the research you'll find the stories behind all the Disney Princesses and have lots of party fun.

Just about every little girl knows about princesses and wants to be like them. Some want to be a singing princess who enjoys the company of sea creatures and to be with her prince. Ariel is one princess who is a part of two different but exciting worlds. The story of Snow White, the very first princess, is enjoyed by little girls because of her exciting and whimsical story involving her evil stepmother and the company of her friends from the woods. Sleeping Beauty is another favorite and that moment where she finally gets the kiss from her prince is very romantic.

Cinderella has a truly admirable character and her story with the prince that all started with a dance is very sweet. Belle's love for her father and her warm heart truly gave way to liberate the prince and be a princess in the story. Mulan has the same love for her father and has a heart of steel. Jasmine soars high despite the challenges she has faced, and Pocahontas can take on the world with her wit and charm.

There are of many other princesses who's stories originated many decades ago from fairy tales that were later turned into children's movies. Although these princesses have many similarities, they all have individual character traits and stories that make them unique.

Think you know your princesses? Here are some interesting and fun trivia facts about the world's favorite princesses:

Princesses have long and healthy hair. But amongst all princesses, Ariel is the only one that is a redhead. All the others wear blonde or brunette hair and Ariel's hair was made red to show her uniqueness and the rich colors of the creatures of the sea.

The shiny and healthy hair of these princesses is always worn down except for one who has her hair in an up-do. Cinderella does have a hairstyle that stands out.

Asides from Rapunzel, Jasmine sports the longest hair amongst the Disney princess characters.

Despite all being princesses, only Aurora gets to wear a tiara in her normal princess outfit.

Cinderella gets to wear the most beautiful pair of shoes in her story, which are glass slippers.

While their villains are more known for their characters, only Snow White's stepmother and villain is known to have her own castle.

Almost all of them have been to the fields, mountains, and seas in their stories, but Jasmine is the only one who has actually flown into the air, not with technology, but with the help of her magic carpet.

Belle and Cinderella have added their own personal touches to their formal gowns. They are the only ones who wear them with gloves. And Cinderella is said to have the most beautiful and most popular shoe of all, her glass slippers.

These trivia facts go beyond the fairytales and give more information about the princesses we all love. Princesses and fairytales provide entertainment for young ladies and even adults everywhere and despite their differences, princesses are fun early role models for young girls.